Parents, we need your help to make our school healthier!

Children spend most of their day at school, so it’s important that they have healthy foods and drinks while they are there. Good nutrition also helps kids learn better at school.  


1) "Wellness Wednesday": 1st Wednesday of every month families will learn nutritional facts about a fruit or vegetable for the month. Recipes included. See below for monthly Wellness Wednesdays fruit/vegetable to pack in lunches and recipes.

2) Walk to School (Oct. 2): We understand that not all families can walk to school, so try to do something active with you family on that day whether it be going on a after dinner walk, visiting a local park, or having some backyard fun.

3) Eat @ Home Night (November 6)

4) Wellness Week #1 (Jan. 13-17): Promoting a new year with new goals

5) Family Fitness Night (January 14 @ 5 PM)

6) Wellness Week #2 (April 20-24): Gear Up for State Testing

Henry PTA Wellness Committee Promotes:

  • Nutrition education and promotion
  • Physical activity
  • Other wellness activities (such as school gardens and walk/bike to school)
  • Nutrition standards for all foods and drinks sold to kids at school
  • Foods and drinks that may be given to students (such as at classroom celebrations or foods given as rewards for behavior)
  • Food and beverage marketing


*************************Wellness Month*********************

September-  Apple (ENGLISH)

September- Apple (SPANISH)