This year the theme for International Family Day is “the need to promote a healthy lifestyle and a sustainable future”.

Here are some ideas for you to do at home:

1. Send handwritten Notes to family and friends you haven’t seen

2. Make Dinner a Celebration

3. Plan a Scavenger Hunt

4. Watch a Family Classic Movie Together

5. Create a photo shoot with your family at home

6. Have a Zoom Party with your whole family

7. Get out the board games

8. At home Karaoke Night

9. At home Movie Night with snacks

10. Write a letter to each other.

11. Read your favorite family books

12. Make a script and set up your living room like a theatre

13. Have a picnic

14. Camp out! Grab some sheets and 4 chairs and make a tent in your living room

15. Dinner time without distractions (no tv or phone at dinner time)

16. Extend homework by explaining an idea more in depth (i.e., show them stars and explain some of the different constellations, etc.)