"Batalla de los Grados!"

2019-2020 Patriot Pride Month

(formerly known as the Fit-A-Thon)


October 7th-October 30, 2019

GOAL: $85,000

This is our 14th year! The Fit-A-Thon is a month long fundraiser, which is why we are changing the name to "Patriot Pride Month." It is PTA's one and only Fundraiser for the year! We run the fundraising ourselves through our incredible parent volunteers, which means that all the proceeds go to benefit Henry PTA. We use our funds to pay for the PE Program, field trips, classroom enhancements, and so many more items. We have exceeded our goal the last few years and have been able to give back even more money to our school by buying more technology equipment for our classrooms, library books, a new PA system for the school, Meet the Masters Art Program (new this year), PE, and PE equipment.

Every dollar earned goes back to help all Henry students. This year's funds will go towards all the programs and opportunities listed above as well as upgrading our playground by getting a shade structure for the primary playground, more tables and benches on the playground, recess play equipment, a water bottle filtration system, outdoor communication boards along with all the free service events that we have throughout the year (Science Night, Literacy Night, Family Fitness Night, Fit-A-Thon Festival, etc.).  


Pledgestar is a web based fundraising system that will send email pledge requests to your family and friends and let them make a secure credit or debit card donation. It only takes a few minutes to set up, so it's quick and it's EASY! Just click HERE to set up. 

NEW this year! Your child will receive grade level points when you create a Pledgestar page and send out 10 emails. 

Be sure to share your child's donation page via social media!


We will need lots of help to pull off a month long fundraiser that includes pep rallies, a festival, and the actual day of the Fit-A-Thon.  As in the past, each class will need a Fit Rep.  A lot of a Fit Reps job can be done at home. A Fit Rep's role is to: communicate to classroom parents, prep for upcoming Fit-A-Thon events, shirt sorting, and help get volunteers for the day of the Fit-A-Thon and festival. The kids always love to have family and friends cheer them on while they go from station to station, so make sure to come out...and bring a sign to encourage your child(ren)!

Sign up HERE to be a Fit Rep.


There are lots of exciting prizes to be won for fundraising. Some of our top prizes include Disneyland Park Hopper tickets. A sneak peak at some of the other prizes will be available soon.