What is Patriot Pride Month?

Patriot Pride Month is a month long fundraiser. It kicks-off with a spirited Grado vs. Grado Pep Rally on October 7th and concludes with our traditional Fit-A-Thon event on October 30th. It is PTA's biggest and only fundraising month! Funds raised during this year's Patriot Pride Month will go toward field trips and buses, a NEW physical education program, NEW playground equipment, and all the services and events that PTA provides. Every dollar earned goes back to help all Henry students. Patriot Pride month is strategically planned in the Fall to give PTA the funds it needs at the beginning of the school year.


During the FOUR WEEKS of Patriot Pride Month, students will unite with their grade level peers and engage in a series of competitions - BATALLA DE LOS GRADOS - to determine the grade that will be awarded the coveted Patriot Pride Trophy- to be engraved and displayed for years to come! Students will earn spirit points for their grade level through (1) fundraising efforts, (2) grado vs. grado competitions, (3) exemplifying the Patriot's guidelines for success.

Paper packets will go home with your student THE WEEK OF MONDAY, OCT. 7. The packet will have your pledge sheet and more information.

*Packets will also be available here closer to October 7th.

NEW this year, we are concluding our 4 weeks of fundraising with our Patriot Pride Festival. The festival is planned for November 8th. All festival games and booths are free! There will be food trucks, booths, a bike parade and great entertainment. On this night, we will announce raffle winners and celebrate school-wide and grade-level accomplishments. You don't want to miss this great event!