About Henry Fundraising

What should I expect throughout the year?

PTA is only one of several sources of funding for our school. Others include Patrick Henry Foundation (for example, the Gala) and Student Council.

PTA raises funds for all of our wonderful programs that support our students, teachers, and staff.  Here is a guideline to let you know what types of things may come up and what you may wish to budget for them. Those listed are PTA onlyParticipation in any of these events or activities is completely optional! Please keep in mind that other Henry organizations also hold fundraisers during the year and that room parents often collect donations for classroom support.

An updated budget with our income and expenses is always available at our monthly meetings.


PTA Membership Drive

$10 per adult

September and year round

La Liberia Spanish Book Fair

Books range from $10 to $30 per book. Percentage of proceeds comes back to school in the form of book donations.


Dine to Donate

Cost of meal; at least 20% of your bill comes back to the school


World of Color Festival




$10-$250 per student; raised from pledges by family and friends.

$85 per student will meet our goal.


Scholastic Book Fair

Books range from approx. $5 to $20. Percentage of proceed comes back to school in the form of book donations.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between fundraisers and other PTA events that rely on material donations?

According to PTA policy, “fundraisers” are events that profit more than $500. Community events that raise no more than $500 are “service” events.

It seems like we have a lot of fundraisers. Where does the money go?

The Patrick Henry PTA has been working hard over the past year to reduce the number of fundraisers and to raise the profitability of the fundraisers we do have. For instance, the Fit-A-Thon profits 85% of what comes in, so it’s a very valuable event. We also try to have fundraisers of all different types so as many people in our community can participate. Funds raised go to fund our programs. Come to a PTA meeting where you can see everything that is budgeted for the entire year!